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We drove to Tallahassee, Fl this weekend for the Apalachee Coursing Club trial. Premium list for the trial.


Video1 - Joey and Reza Prelim - 5.18M
First race of the day. Both of them run very clean races. Joey tuckers out a bit in the end, but overall, did a good job. At one point, mid-way through the video, you can see Reza surge ahead and get a glimpse of the speed she's capable of.

Video2 - Joey and Reza Final - 5.26M
Second race with the two of them. Now, this is where Joey show's us what he's made of: assholes and testosterone. Joey knows he's not faster than Reza, but knows that if he catches the bunny, then we'll be proud of him. So, in order to maximize praise when he gets back, he gets the bright idea to body check and keep Reza from the lure several times during the race. It's blatant and completely not allowed. I'm surprised he wasn't dismissed, but he was only excused. Excused means "done for the day," but dismissed mean "there's a mark on your record and if you pull this shit again within the next 5 trials, you're done racing with other hounds." Being excused, he didn't get any points for the day, and him not placing ruined Reza's first place because it no longer counts. Reza still got a nice ribbon and 8 points.

Video3 - Reza, Hocus and Santi Runnoff for Breed - 4.64M <-- Highly recommend.
This was for breed. Since Reza took the Open stakes, she was eligible for Best of Breed. The other two dogs, Hocus and Santi, are the number one and two ASFA Afghans in the country. They're both in the Field Champion stake, but they tied for points. Instead of making them race in a separate runoff for first in FCh, they both ran in the breed runoff for Reza. Hocus and Santi are incredibly fast and if I recall correctly, Hocus has an LCM2 or LCM3, so he's very seasoned and both are very in shape. Reza gets creamed here, but she's just a 15 month old baby and running three times in one day is tough on a kid. We're proud of her running clean for the first time ever with other hounds that weren't her brother.


Video1 - Joey, Reza and Anya Prelim - 3.52M
Julie Messerschmitt brought her shaved-down, finished (CH) bitch out to race. We were worried about Joey racing with another dog, but only male really because he's chock full of testosterone and growls at other males at times. Fortunately, Anya was a bitch, so we knew he wouldn't attack her on the field. This race was completely clean, and Reza did a great job as always. This track was especially jerky back and forth and dogs were getting thrown off course left and right. Joey got super confused, but I don't think I got that one camera.

Video2 - Joey, Reza and Anya Final - 4.78M
The second race is always the problem race for Joey. He gets tired and bored and other things start popping into his mind. After the first couple of turns on this hellish course, Joey noticed the other bitch on the field and thought he'd chase her and try to stick his nose up her crotch. This threw the other bitch off course, but thankfully, Joey got tired and Anya got back on the lure. Reza was wondering wtf was going on the whole time her brother was chasing afghan ass across the green, and halfheartedly running. She still stayed on lure, which is amazing. Joey's interference that day finally earned his ass a dismissal.

Anya scored a 308 versus Reza's 300. Reza got a second for Open, but again, her placement didn't count because Joey Dismissed out and she didn't defeat any dogs. Reza is now up to 1/2 First Placements and 25/100 points toward her Field Championship. Joey's 0/2 Firsts and 4/100 points towards his. We're thinking that since Joey doesn't have the drive, we're just going to keep entering him against Reza and try to get that last first place for her. She can point without any dogs on the field, but getting a First is a bit harder. When he finally gets dismissed/disqualified, we're just retire him from coursing or run him for fun in Singles.

Probably the only things that will keep him from being a jackass on the field are 1. a lobotomy, 2. neutering, 3. a shock collar or 4. real bunny skins instead of plastic bags. Simpler minded hounds chase plastic bags better. Reza hates plastic bags, but will still do it because it's instinctual and fun for her. Joey gets bored with it and knows they're bags. Lure Coursing is play time for him, and we figure we'll just run him into disqualification and try to squeeze some points out of him for Reza.

Uma Rapiti was out taking pictures at this meet, and the dude has a good camera to do it. We'll probably order some of the pics, but for now, here are the proofs:

Permission Provided by Uma Rapiti Photography to Display Photos.

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Update on Phoebe

Just talked with Kate, the person we rehomed Phoebe to in Idaho.  Instead of describing it all, I'm just going to post the chatlog.

bigdumbskip: Hey this is Kate :)
bigdumbskip: i didn't use aim for so long i had to get a new screen name :\
SachielDVangel: omg hi
SachielDVangel: hahaha
SachielDVangel: Long time no internet
bigdumbskip: sorry i'm just about to run out to install this shit in some hotel, but seriously, we haven't talked forever
bigdumbskip: man you have no idea
SachielDVangel: Yeah, how's phibble?
bigdumbskip: amazing as always :)
SachielDVangel: and how are you and all that too
bigdumbskip: i don't know if when we last talked my neighbors had bought their mini dachshunds
bigdumbskip: but now my neighbors on both sides have mini dachshunds
SachielDVangel: no
SachielDVangel: oh god.
SachielDVangel: That's a bad thing, right?
bigdumbskip: she can spent half an hour just running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth trying to decide which herd of dachshunds to wipe out first
SachielDVangel: because they're dachs
SachielDVangel: hahahaha
bigdumbskip: god they are so fucking awful
SachielDVangel: Did you get your mom's yard fenced?
bigdumbskip: yep :D
SachielDVangel: Ah, nice
SachielDVangel: Did you get the package we sent from whereever?
bigdumbskip: yeah i did
SachielDVangel: PetEdge or something?
bigdumbskip: oh man, it kind of choked me up
SachielDVangel: Oh cool, what was in it I forget, Selma ordered it
SachielDVangel: Brush and some stuff?
SachielDVangel: Also, please pics. Selma cries about Phoebe at least once a month
SachielDVangel: be good to see her :)
bigdumbskip: treats treats treats, slicker
bigdumbskip: oh man, ok
bigdumbskip: the paintings i'm working on right now are a series of sighthounds in chase juxtaposed next to pinball machine parts
bigdumbskip: they look pretty cool
SachielDVangel: OH, shit, nice
SachielDVangel: you see the coursing stuff?
bigdumbskip: i'm gonna try to send you one if i can figure out how to ship something with protruding, delicate wires
SachielDVangel: SWEET
SachielDVangel: We hang all art people send us btw
bigdumbskip: oh my god look at how beautiful reza has gotten
SachielDVangel: we have 2 drawings hanging, one from Alterian from xmas the other from Labinnah
SachielDVangel: She's losing all her hair, she's SO patterned
bigdumbskip: oh my god
bigdumbskip: ok i just opened pet island for the first time in months
SachielDVangel: hahaha, welcome back
SachielDVangel: dude, you must be so busy or something, miss you in there
bigdumbskip: Foxes as Pets?
bigdumbskip: i don't know if i can come back to pet island man :\
SachielDVangel: you were my connection to the rest of the nonPI/TFR forums, haha
bigdumbskip: this forum looks kind of fucked up
bigdumbskip: yeah i really... i think i went a little crazy to be honeste
bigdumbskip: er, honest
SachielDVangel: Oh come on, we're in IRC too, that's like what we used to do with tagteaming
SachielDVangel: only with more people and Lioness
SachielDVangel: hahaha
bigdumbskip: I just suddenly woke up and was like "everything has to change"
SachielDVangel: holy crap, like what?
bigdumbskip: right now i'm looking at a move to Chicago or Portland, for example
SachielDVangel: whoa
bigdumbskip: i broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years
bigdumbskip: i'm working part time at that pizza place, doing fine art rather than design for the rest of the time
SachielDVangel: If you move to Chicago, we'll visit you for the International Kennel Club Show
bigdumbskip: Chicago is really iffy right now, it would just be a two month thing
SachielDVangel: That'd be awesome and Selma can bawl when she sees Phoebe
SachielDVangel: ah
SachielDVangel: such a nomad
bigdumbskip: Oh yeah and a friend of mine from high school came to town to visit and we fell madly in love with each other ;_;
SachielDVangel: haha, aw
SachielDVangel: still madly in love then?
bigdumbskip: It's ridiculous
SachielDVangel: haha
bigdumbskip: he's a physicist, i'm an artist, it can't last :(
SachielDVangel: Engineers and Actors don't work for shit let me tell you
bigdumbskip: oh no :(
bigdumbskip: that's like practically the same
SachielDVangel: Well, physicists are kind of theoretically and batshit enough to possibly work
SachielDVangel: Theoretically-minded
SachielDVangel: they have to have good imaginations, might work
bigdumbskip: i really hope it does, i'm crazy about him
SachielDVangel: start on the therapy work?
bigdumbskip: he likes Phoebe too ^_^
SachielDVangel: remember you said something about that in the spring
bigdumbskip: still too early for the spring session
SachielDVangel: ah
bigdumbskip: we're keeping her sharp for it though :)
SachielDVangel: cool, phibble will like that. I miss her, she still smell like jasmine on her head?
bigdumbskip: yeah :)
bigdumbskip: i think she's losing some of her dignity though
bigdumbskip: or maybe she's just really slowly opening up
SachielDVangel: Joey smells like musk and Reza smells like sewer breath, Phoebe's rare to be sure
bigdumbskip: she's much much less aloof
SachielDVangel: Aw, awesome
SachielDVangel: how so?
bigdumbskip: it's like she almost thinks she's a dog
bigdumbskip: she doesn't ignore the other dogs now
SachielDVangel: good deal, figured it'd take her a bit
bigdumbskip: she follows me around more and is a lot better at following directions
SachielDVangel: still evil?
bigdumbskip: it probably helps that she's had a while now to figure out the routine
SachielDVangel: because Phoebe's fucking evil
bigdumbskip: yeah it took us forever to figure out how the chewed up dog toys kept getting out of the trash and back into the crate
SachielDVangel: hahaha
SachielDVangel: So she was opening up a trashcan?
bigdumbskip: she was opening a child locked cabinet first
SachielDVangel: HAHAHA
bigdumbskip: we look a little crazy to guests now because we have to keep a giant spoon in the handle of the cabinet door
bigdumbskip: it's the only way to keep it so it won't open even a little bit, because that's all she needs to get in
SachielDVangel: oh man, selma's gonna die
bigdumbskip: oh shit, i really have to get running
SachielDVangel: So the new beau and the parents still enamoured with her?
bigdumbskip: my friend needs me to help him wire up this porno soundtrack
bigdumbskip: god fine art is terrible
SachielDVangel: argh, np, good luck with all that artsy stuff
bigdumbskip: my parents brag about her to everybody -_-;;
SachielDVangel: thanks for talking kate, I'm gonna post this up on the site because our parents are curious too
bigdumbskip: aww who am i kidding i do too
SachielDVangel: <3
bigdumbskip: you take care of yourself and all the dogs
bigdumbskip: adios!
SachielDVangel: don't be such a stranger :p
bigdumbskip: i'll try

CHASE coursing in Cartersville, GA

Since we're firm believers in beauty, brains and brawn, we took the dogs out this weekend to begin their lure coursing championships. Our dogs will hopefully be triple titled by the time any of them are bred. The "beauty" aspect will actually be the conformation shows, proving that our dogs conform to the standard and are sound. The "brains" can be adequately proven in Rally Obedience titles, but the function can be demonstrated through Field Championships from Lure Coursing since Open Field coursing (or hare hunting) cannot be done in Alabama because of a lack of true hares.

Lure Coursing is a simulation of a sighthound's traditional function as a hunter to course, or run down, their prey. A motor driven wire is set out on a field with a plastic bag or bags tied to it. There are many bends and turned set in the loop to simulate the sporadic running and turning of a hare. The dogs are set on the course, three at a time, and not judged on speed alone, but one several aspects of how well they run.

According to
  Section 10. Placing of winners shall be decided on the basis of qualities evidenced by:enthusiasm, follow, speed, agility and endurance in scoring the hounds. Judges shall score in whole numbers only, and shall be governed by the following system:
  • Enthusiasm..........................................15 pts.
  • Follow................................................15 pts.
  • Speed.................................................25 pts.
  • Agility.................................................25 pts.
  • Endurance...........................................20 pts.
  • ................................................Total: 100 pts
  Less: Pre-slip penalty.........................1 to 10 pts. (from each judge). When a pre-slip occurs, each judge shall levy a penalty of between 1 and 10 points for that course. The pre-slip penalty shall not be carried over in the case where a no-course is called on the course in progress.
  Less: Course delay penalty.....................1 to 10 pts. (from each judge). When a course delay occurs, each judge shall levy a 1 to 10 point penalty for that course. This includes when a hound is slipped when no tally-ho has been sounded. The course delay penalty shall be carried over in the case where a no-course is called on the course in progress and shall be cumulative in the case of repeated delays.

 The AKC has it's own coursing venue, but we decided to go with ASFA's (American Sighthound Field Association) competitions and trials because they are far more experienced when it comes to running trials and their lure operators are far superior. It was an AKC lure op running Joey as a puppy into a star-point turn that allowed him to injure himself and ruined a show weekend for us. The AKC won't recognize ASFA's titles because they're more interested in making money off their own events, but that doesn't matter for advertising and bragging. (Sometimes you have to questions the whole "the dog's champion" byline.)

This was the premium list for this past weekend's event:

It was in Cartersville, GA, about a 2.5 hour drive from Birmingham. We got there at 1AM on Friday night and passed out in the hotel room. The next morning, we were at the field with our Crossantwiches for roll call at 8:30 AM. During roll call, you take out any hounds that you'll be racing that day and check in with the judges. They ask you to gait the dog down and back and check for limping or lameness. They are also checking for any AKC disqualifying faults such as height standards with whippets. Afghans don't have any DQ faults, so they just checked Joey's and Reza's gaits. Both dogs checked out fine and we put them back in the comfortable, heated car.

Racing started at about 9:30ish. First up were the singles, so we were the first group to run. The groupings break down primarily by breed, but in the case of "singles", it's multibreed. Singles means the dogs run solo; the reason for this is either the dog interferes with other racers on the course or they are not yet certified. "Certification" means that an ASFA judge has witnessed and signed off on a dog running with another "cleanly", ie. not interfering, and since this was their first trial, Joey and Reza weren't certified. In order to run with other dogs, we'd have to get them in a certification run during lunch, have a judge sign off and move them up to "Open" the next day. There are three main venues within each breed: Open, FCh and Veteran. "Open" is any dog that has not achieved a Field Champion title yet. "FCh" are all the dogs that have achieved Field Champion and are working on further Lure Course of Merit (LCM) titles and "Veteran" is for the older dogs that are FCh's, but not as competitive as they once were.:corsair:

"Single" is just an expensive practice. It's not worth any points and does nothing towards getting you a title. We wanted the practice and to ensure we had it, we entered in singles. To get a FCh title, your dog has to get 100 points in Open competition and get two first placements or one first and two second placements. Points are awarded in the following method:


Section 1. Placements
Championship points are not official until published in the Field Advisory News. In the event of an error in scoring, the Records Coordinator will notify the host club which shall have the sole responsibility of notifying those individuals whose hounds have received placements. Championship points in all regular stakes - Open, Field Champion and Veteran - shall be awarded by the ASFA on the basis of:
First Place: Four times the number of hounds competing in the stake (or flight if the stake is split) with a maximum of 40 points.
Second Place: Three times the number of hounds competing in the stake (or flight if the stake is split) with a maximum of 30 points.
Third Place: Two times the number of hounds competing in the stake (or flight if the stake is split) with a maximum of 20 points.
Fourth Place: Points equal to the number of hounds competing in the stake (or flight if the stake is split) with a maximum of 10 points.
NBQ (Next Best Qualified): No points awarded.
No hound shall receive a placement or be awarded points if it does not score at least 50 percent of the total possible combined scores. Hounds which do not receive placements under this provision will nevertheless be considered as in competition for the purpose of awarding points to hounds which do place.

So, in order to get points that day, you have to place within your breed. You get two runs each day, with two judges scoring you. There are a total of 400 available judge points per day, and in order to qualify, they point total for the day must be 1/2 the available, so 200.

Both days were cold as fuck in the 30's, pretty much all day. That's also harder for running as the dogs will wear a bit faster. On Saturday, we had pizza brought onto the field. On Sunday, Labinnah and her bf were in from Texas. They had fun watching our dogs, but also were hitting up all the Ibizan people for contact information and to pet and play with the dogs.

(All videos are under 10 megs, with some being under 5. All in WMV format.)

First Flights -

Joey Singles 1 - Joey had a clean run, until he decided he needed to poop. He was still scored because he picked up the lure when he was finished.

Reza Singles 1 - Reza's first ever run on a course. She had run Doggy Fun Zone courses before, but nothing with twists and turns like this.

Hansa Singles 1 - Hansa's been coursing before and has excellent drive.

(During lunch, they ran their certification together, but we didn't record it. They both ran beautiful, clean runs.)

Second Flights -

Joey Singles 2 - Joey's second course starts out well, but then the lure motor broke and died and they needed a replacement. That was about 20 minutes of waiting on the field. When we restarted Joey, he knew the lure would come around by him again, so he waited his fat ass on the field for it to come running by. Lazy cheater.

Reza Singles 2 - Reza's second course was as good as her first, but I got some really good, close footage of her.

Hansa Singles 2 - Another good video of Hansa coursing, but cut short because the lure broke (right before Joey's second time).

First Flight -

Joey and Reza - Open 1 - Good open run with the two of them as recorded by Labinnah. (thanks)

Second Flight -

Joey and Reza - Open 2 - Second run where Joey got lazy again and just waited for Reza to bring the bunny back his way. He'd sporadically pick back up on the lure and wait for it to come back around. FAT, LAZY ASSHOLE.

At the end of the day on Sunday, we got our ribbons. Reza took first in breed and Joey second. Hansa wasn't entered that day, so it was only two afghans. Reza now has one of her firsts and 8 points; Joey has a second and 6 points. Reza had a respectable 306 point total or something, which was higher than about 80% of all the other dogs running! Joey had a pathetic 244 because that second run where the judges scored him in the 30's and 40's. His first run was enough to pull him up though for an average above 50%.

We're going to head down to Tallahassee, FL March 3 and 4 for more ASFA coursing. I know there are more afghans that course down in FL, so we should have more competition.

There are more photos linked in the gallery:

folder 2007-02-17 - CHASE - Cartersville, GA


Bonus Ibizan Flights -

Open coursing


Blast from the Past

Took this awesome photo of Selma right after lure coursing yesterday.  I put it through photoshop because it was just too 20's + 30's with Selma's peacoat, hat and Reza's ultra-primitive type. 

A Nice Surprise

A couple of our friends were heading to Georgia from their home in Dallas by way of Birmingham and decided to take several hours out to see us.  We treated them to Dreamland BBQ, and they came back to the house to visit the puppies.  They're also planning on coming out on Sunday while we're in Atlanta to see the dogs lure course.  LeAnne draws dinosaurs for her employer and does graphical work, so using her talents, she made a beautiful drawing of Joey and Reza for us.  We're framing it and hanging it in the grooming room.  They also brought us some Pit Bull Rescue t-shirts and cookies (both human and dog).

 Thanks guys!

 Joey and Reza