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Reza's RWB Photo Fun photo with Reza's littermate, Simeon. Simeon took RWD. Rider, the beautiful deerhound I put the 5 point major on!

Trip Report: Peach Blossom Cluster – Perry, GA

Wednesday, April 11
5:00 - Finish work
5:10 - Eat Dinner
6:00 - Wash Reza and dry her
8:00 - Pack up the car
10:30 CST - Leave for Perry.

Thursday, April 12
3:00 EST - Arrive at Perry.
4:00 EST - Finally get to sleep
9:00 EST - Wake up and start the day.

We got to the grounds and I setup inside the Heritage building. Perry has an amazing National Fairground where they have the show. It's has multiple air conditioned buildings with some grooming space in each. If you're in any of those buildings, you don't have access to electricity, but if you want, you can setup outside in the dirt-floored, livestock stables for access to power and baths.

For the weekend, considering we had access to four bitch majors, we decided to up the ante and get a pro-handler on Reza. We talked and decided to put Mrs. Maureen Jewett on Reza for Friday and possibly Thursday and Jan Swayze on her for Sunday, possibly Saturday. Jan was already taking an open bitch in on both Sat and Sun, so if Reza won her class, I'd still have to take her in for Winner's Bitch both days.

So Maureen is on deck to take Reza in on Thursday after I find her and decide that since I don't know what this judge is going to like, I should go ahead and see how Reza handles with Maureen on her for tomorrow. Maureen has already put a point on Reza in Montgomery, but this was before her heat and like all bitches, her personality has changed since then. Maureen has a cocker that she's got to take in a couple rings down from mine, but said there shouldn't be a conflict. Time is winding down, but Kelly, a handler that has foxhounds, asks me to handle a foxhound for her. I take the foxhound in and Christ, was that a struggle. The boy didn't like showing very much and I had to lead him pretty hard around the ring. That was a pain, but ugh.

I get out of the ring, and Afghans finally get in, and Maureen is still waiting to take her cocker in. I had my suit on, of course, because you never know what might happen, so I gear up with Reza. Bitches go in and Maureen is still down there, waiting. I take Reza in expecting the same old ho-hum showing, but she blows me out of the water. Reza has never shown like this before. The second she got in the ring, her attitude changed to one of confidence and fun. She leads me around the ring on a loose lead and looked fantastic and full of herself. In all my days of showing Joey, I could never get him to lead me like she was, pulling ahead. It's just something you can't train.

The judge for the day was Robert Berndt. I couldn't find much consistency with his judging and he gave Reza a 2nd out of her class of two. I swear to god he was looking at coat and most all-breed judges just don't understand that patterning is a-ok in Afghans. But, he was the iffiest judge of the weekend, and knowing that and talking to Selma, Maureen, John Schoolcraft and Martha Zehner (Reza's co-breeders/owners), we decided that since she showed so amazingly for me, that I should go ahead and show for tomorrow and possibly the whole weekend.

That night, Reza and I visited with John and Martha at their RV and had dinner. There was some fun conversation over beers that make dog show weekends so enjoyable. With neither of us doing anything earlier today, we toasted to a better weekend.

Friday, April 13

Another day, another judge. Today we had Ms. Marjorie Martorella. She's judged Reza back in Brookesville in January, but that was 2 weeks after the end of Reza's heat, so she was a bit off in the ring and definitely didn't give it her all. I'd talked to Maureen that morning and told her that I was going to try handling her today and see if we could get a repeat performance out of her on the caliber of yesterday's. She storms the ring again with an upbeat attitude and I get a good feeling about it. Reza takes first in her class because of her excellent conformation, her great showing and a breeder judge that understands patterning. Reza goes back in for Winner's, but unfortunately doesn't do anything. Having beaten two bitches for her class, the win was nothing to poopoo and Martorella stayed very consistent in her judging by choosing bitches that had excellent breed type of a desert variety with correct movement. I talked with Ms. Martorella later about Reza and got her comments on her. She said that Reza could use a little more front-reach, but she also attributed that to age with her being only 16 months, and I blame myself for possibly tight leading her from behind and pulling up her front movement a bit. Otherwise, she said she is a beautiful bitch and I complemented her on her consistent judging and thanked her for that.

That evening, we had a fun cookout outside Dom and Martha's RV. Chris Hughes, another excellent Afghan breeder/handler, picked on me a bit and gave me some excellent tips on things to change with her such as not letting her lead get taut if she leads me around to keep her from pulling up her front reach. It can make her look restricted and might have cost me in the winner's ring. In my defense, this was the first time she's ever gone in front of me, at a show or in conformation classes and I was still adjusting to it. I'd be sure to not make the same mistake tomorrow and would be ready for it.

Saturday, April 14

Today, we had Ms. Shelley S. Hennessy, another afghan breeder judge. Selma and I talked about who should handle Reza today. Originally, we had Jan Swayze on for today, but Jan would only be able to take Reza in for her class; I'd still have to handle her in Winner's if she won. I talked with Harry Bennett about him taking her in the day before, and had him take Reza on a down and back and do some test stacks with her. I wanted a handler that could take her all the way through Winner's if I'm paying for it, and she handled beautifully for him, but I still wasn't seeing the spark that she had with me in the ring. After much deliberation, we decided that I should just go ahead and take her in.

Another repeat performance out of her with just showing spectacularly. I seriously couldn't believe that this was the same bitch from a couple months ago. Reza took first in her class of four and went back in for Winner's. Ms. Hennessy put up very typey, square bitches and stayed very consistent again in what she liked and what she was looking at. Again, another judge that wasn't playing politics and was picking what she liked above faces. We might not have won, but I was satisfied with the judging and felt that it was fair. I'd definitely show to Ms. Hennessy again.

That night, Tara Afghan Hound Club of Atlanta had it's afghan match in conjunction with the North Georgia Hound Association's group match. I decided to go ahead and enter Reza for fun in the 12-18 month adult class and there was even a $50 prize for First in Group. Jan Swayze was the judge and Reza took Best of Breed Adult. She won some awesome prizes for that including some pretty rosettes, a crate bed, a snood, some note cards and a couple squeakies. She went back in for group and took Third in group after the Pharaoh Hound and the Deerhound winning another nice rosette. What a great win for her and another confidence booster for the both of us with her showing magnificently again. I also spend $60 in raffle tickets on an aluminum crate, but it was for Afghan Hound Rescue, so win or lose, it's for a good cause.

I went out to dinner that night with Linda Shipley, Laura Mauldin, Karen and Susan. We sat down for dinner, ordered drinks and got some salad and were just getting into the conversation when Susan, who had stepped outside to use her cell phone comes racing back in and announces, "THERE'S A LOOSE PHAROAH HOUND OUTSIDE ON THE GROUNDS!" Not my dog, but being young and in decent shape, I get up to help in the search. It's lightly raining in the dark of night with no flashlight, but what the hell. I head out in a random direction that takes me through the heart of the Quality Inn hotel, a place we stayed before that I'm partially familiar with the grounds of. I make a sweep all the way to the back of the hotel will no luck and head back up the other side. I see a big mansion/ballroom there with people starting to file out of it, thinking to myself, "You know, if this is the Pharaoh Hound Club of America meeting/party, I'm going to drop dead." I walk up and ask, "Is this is the Pharaoh Hound club meeting?" "Why yes it i.." CLAP CLAP CLAP, "THERE'S A LOOSE PHAROAH HOUND ON THE GROUNDS, WE SPOTTED IT FROM ANGELINA'S, WE NEED HELP FINDING IT."

People start gasping and relaying the message to the back of the hall and people start mobilizing. I resume the search and head back to Angelina's. I see Susan and ask if she's spotted it, but she hasn't. I head back down the road, heading away from the interstate when Susan yells, "OVER HERE, ITS OVER HERE." I head towards her voice and the light drizzle starts picking up into a nice rain. She's motioning towards the exit ramp of the southbound I-75. Great. She saw a bus come down the exit ramp with the Pharaoh running out in front of it, but it disappearing on the other side. We thought that it might have made it up the hill and headed across the interstate. In the near pouring rain, we run up the southbound side of the interstate and cross the interstate in a sweeping formation, three of us, and head south down the northbound side with no luck.

All this running is killing me, but I head back under the underpass on the road and coming out the other side, I run into a girl screaming, "INDY, INDY!" I ask her if she's the owner as she's the only one screaming a name. She says yes in a state of shock, and I tell her that we've been up north the interstate for 1/4 mile, and the best thing she could do is get into her car and start looking, as we've not seen anything but her run towards the interstate. Poor girl.

At this time, with the PHCA mobilized and searching in cars and the owner out looking, I decided that the foot search is all but useless. I head back in, soaking and probably smelling of wet-sweat, and sit down. I relay the search progress and story to Linda, Laura and Karen. Susan comes in about 25 minutes later and tells us that there's no sign of the poor dog. She also tells us that the dog was in a soft crate in the room, had heard the thunder and freaked out clawing its way out of the crate and getting out of the room by unlatching the door! The dog had also wandered into the kitchen of Angelina's at one point and the girl had screamed at the sight of the dog and scared the poor thing back outside.

Unfortunately, there's no happy ending to this sidestory as they found the dog had been hit by that bus and wandered off into the bushes and died. They found the body that night and the girl left the showsite. My condolences to Indy's owner, and I wish we could have found her sooner. :'(

Selma arrived shortly after I ended my search back at the hotel. We decided to bathe Reza for the specialty tomorrow and did so with our power washer that I brought with me. We had also bathed Reza on Thursday night as I had left too much conditioner in her from the bath on Wednesday. That's three baths in the span of 4 days; I feel like a poodle handler or something.

Sunday, April 15th

This was the big day, the Tara Afghan Hound Club of Atlanta Specialty and North Georgia Hound Association Group Specialty.

We arrived at the show site at about 11:00. Walking to take the dogs out to potty before it rains anymore, we run into Judith Kuczmarski, a longtime friend and local to us in Alabama. She asks me if I can take in one of her Deeries, Rider, in an hour. I greet Rider and he's a big sweetheart, giving me kisses and leaning on me. I tell her, "Sure, let me go potty them and I'll change into my suit." I come back to her in about 40 minutes, changed and ready to go. We head outside and I gait Rider around at a very nice speed and she says that the gait looked great. I stack him and I find out where the challenge is going to be. He didn't like his back legs adjusted, so I keep trying it until I get it. He's also breaking stacks for Judith, so I don't feel so bad.

I take Rider in for his class and he gets first out of his class of one. Judith said I did excellently in there and just to do the same thing for Winner's. She was very pleased with the speed I moved him, said it was perfect and we make a great team. We go back in for Winner's up against Sage, her singled out Deery that only needs majors and another of her breeding in a class behind me. Mrs. Stites, an past afghan breeder, picks me out of the three for the 2 point win! Judith, still needing the singles on Rider, was a little disappointed because she was hoping for the win on Sage and a cross-over best of winner's major with him. She says, "I'll take it," and tells me, "Go back in there and try for Best of Winner's in breed if I want to. You're doing a great job, and he looked great in there." All in fun, I say sure, what the hell.

Selma then proceeds to tell me while waiting on the bitch judging that the older lady in there is Mrs. Lyons of Lyonhil Farms and a pillar of the Scottish Deerhound breed in the United States. She ends up taking Winner's Bitch, but I don't let that phase me. We head into the ring and I talk with Mrs. Lyons about Deeries and what I've seen of them coursing and how beautiful as a breed they are. I tell her that I am in Afghans and this is the first time I've ever taken a Deerhound in the ring. She recognizes the dog as a Fernhill dog which is heavily bred from her Lyonhil kennels. She comments that he's a beautiful dog. So we're finally down to Winner's Dog/Bitch stack time and I present the dog to the judge. We have a nice braced around, and Rider is still moving beautifully. We do one last around and Mrs. Stites puts up a bitch for breed and gives BEST OF WINNERS AND BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX TO ME AND RIDER. I just put a Five Point, Specialty Major over specials on a Scottish Deerhound

It took Judith a minute to realize what had happened; me too I think. I had a big stupid grin on my face from the win, and told Mrs. Stites after she complemented the dog that this was the first time I'd ever handled a Deery. She said I did a fantastic job, and I mentioned that my breed was Afghan Hounds and thanked her for the win and a great time in the ring; what a rush. Judith was near tears, I think. Judith, Pam and everyone were giving me hugs and I was trying to juggle Rider and all the prizes and ribbons he had won for the specialty win. We had a picture taken with Mrs. Stites and Judith left for the day, very happy with everything. She kept thanking me and telling me what a fantastic job I did; I still couldn't get over that I'd just major pointed a Deery at a specialty over specials and a pillar of the Deerhound community.

We chill after all the excitement with the Deeries and go out and potty the dogs. We think it's a good omen for us that Mrs. Stites saw me in her ring and put me up for a major. Yet, I kind of felt that a portion of my luck was used up that day, but we'll soon find out. We get back in and start grooming Reza with 40 minutes to go to ring time. Thank god Reza only takes about 15 minutes for the two of us to show groom her. We brush her out and put her up in her crate. I run and grab a couple hot dogs and we scarf those down have not eaten since 9:00 AM.

I go in for my class and am up against 4 other bitches in the 12-18 class, with some stiff competition and Harry Bennett on one of the bitches. This could get rough. Reza storms the rings and shows her little heart out. Her movement is phenomenal and attitude is awe inspiring. She's having a great time and it shows. She takes first in her class of five, a two point win any other time! We'll, here's our third shot in winner's at a five point major... She goes back in, but unfortunately, she doesn't get pointed at even though she's showing amazingly for winners, but instead takes home a 5 POINT, SPECIALTY RESERVE MAJOR! That's still her beating over 20 bitches: a nice win and something to brag about! We win a beautiful jewelry box with a hand sculpted afghan on it and a pretty print of an afghan hound.

So, even though we didn't bring home the points this weekend, Reza's showing blew me away, and I can't ask anymore of my dogs. The three breeder-judges, Martorella, Hennessy and Stites, were also fair and consistent in their judging and picked what they liked, and I can't ask anymore of my judges. We took home an excellent win on Sunday and our classes on Fri and Sat, took an excellent win on Sat night in the Match with some awesome prizes and had a happy trip home. Points will come in time, but for Reza, an excellent and fun weekend. I'll have pics of the prizes up later and will post up the winning photos when I get those.

Indy: R.I.P.

My Schedule for the Birmingham Kennel Club show

Holy Christ, Saturday is going to be tight. Vicki Highfield broke her foot a couple weeks back, and I told her that I'd handle Georgia, her Corgi, for her.  That and Sarah was tempting me with handling her Pyr Shepherd, Roland, for fun.  Selma's going to be leading the "Dog Show Tours" on Saturday and Sunday I believe.  Overall, it will be a busy, but fun weekend.

5:00 AM          
5:15 AM          
5:30 AM          
5:45 AM          
6:00 AM     Parking


6:15 AM      
6:30 AM      
6:45 AM      
7:00 AM      
7:15 AM      
7:30 AM      
7:45 AM      
8:00 AM      
8:15 AM      
8:30 AM      
8:45 AM      
9:00 AM   Corgi Showing Ring 4  
9:15 AM   Corgi
Ring 5
9:30 AM  
9:45 AM  
10:00 AM Parking     Parking
10:15 AM    
10:30 AM   Corgi
Ring 2
10:45 AM    
11:00 AM    
11:15 AM    
11:30 AM   Rally
AdvA R7
11:45 AM    
12:00 PM   Afghan
12:15 PM    
12:30 PM   Afghans R4/ Pyr Shep R5
12:45 PM Pyr Shep Ring 2 Afghan
Ring 5
1:00 PM   Trophies
1:15 PM      
1:30 PM      
1:45 PM        
2:00 PM        
2:15 PM        
2:30 PM        
2:45 PM        
3:00 PM        
3:15 PM        
3:30 PM        
3:45 PM        
4:00 PM        
4:15 PM        
4:30 PM        
4:45 PM        
5:00 PM        

What would you do with 70 acres of grass?

Reza's Current standing:

FCh - 53/(100) points, 1/(2) First Places, 0/(2) Second Places

JC - 2/(2) Completions, Done!
SC - 1/(4) Completions, beyond JC
MC - 0/(25) Completions, beyond SC
FC - 1/(15) Points {0/(2) majors}

(All videos are under 10 megs, with some being under 5. All in WMV format.)

Bluegrass Coursing Club - BGCC - Columbia, KY
March 30th, 31st and April 1st

Went out to the boonies this past weekend, and I'm talking Deliverance or The Descent country. It was hilly as could be and I think the town we were staying in was lucky to have a Wal-Mart stationed there. Anyway, we were out at Jan Swayze's farm for the whole weekend on her 70 acres. The land is beautiful and only about 5 miles out of the "city". The biggest problem we had were the burrs. They were about the size of an olive pit and every run, they'd come in with them plastered all over their feet: Reza about 5 per foot, Joey about 15. Of course no other sighthounds had this problem, so the whippet conglomerate would just tilt their head at us. So after each run, we'd spend about 15-30 minutes just pulling burs out of each dog.

Joey was running practices only. Reza was running in Open, but in order to minimize the number of runs necessary for the day, Reza would run with an Afghan Field Champion, Gunner. Gunner was a black brindle, 3-4 year old boy that was shaved down to look like a Chinese Crested with a topknot, tail and fluffy cuffed feet; other than that, he was shaved. Reza couldn't "beat" Gunner in the Prelim/Final and would be guaranteed her 4 points for running; so in that respect, it was the same as her running solo. When it came to breed competition though, if she beat Gunner for first, that placement would count as a "first" towards her FCh title with ASFA.

Now, we're not big on the AKC when it comes to coursing, but considering it was at the same location on the same weekend, we decided to go ahead and course her for her JC. That gives us a little title to tack on the end of her name in the show programs to let people know, "Hey, she works the field too; ask us about it and we can tell you she's a FCh (one day)." See, the AKC won't print or acknowledge an ASFA title. You have to play in the AKC to get "FC" (Field Champion) on the end or a "DC" (Dual Champion, Confirmation and Field).

We had catering on the field for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday by Jack McIlwaine of Aberdeen Otterhounds. He and his son were there cooking all sorts of wonderful things like asparagus and crab quiche, orange pork tacos and roast chicken. We were on the field each day for 12 hours, with dinner moving down to Jan's house at the bottom of the field. Coursing, and any field work for that matter, is just a great release and outdoor activity. It's definitely a 180 when it comes to conformation and showing. The people and attitudes are just more pleasant and no matter how your dog did that day, most likely they had fun doing it, and that's the most important thing and can't always be said of showing.

Preliminaries -

Afghan Mixed Prelim - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Clean first run by both dogs. Reza scored higher by one point in this run.

Finals -
Afghan Mixed Final - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Beautiful second run by Reza. She scored 4 points over Gunner on this one, and if both had been Open, she would have had her second First Placement.

Breed -
Afghan Breed - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Of course, nothing is ever easy and in the end of this run, Reza poops out and runs out of gas. She stops a good 50-100 yards out and gaits back in, costing her the first. So close.

Preliminaries -

Afghan Mixed Prelim - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Sketchy run by both dogs, neither of which got a qualifying score from one of the judges. They stopped at the bottom of the hill there. Gunner, having lived and played on the land for a long time, decided to take a stroll and Reza was totally confused as to what the the more experienced dog was doing and if this was normal.

Finals -
Afghan Mixed Final - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Gunner went off course again and Reza was off the lure, but somehow, in her head, the gears started turning and she resumed the chase. She got a qualifying score from both judges, enough to give her 4 points. Unfortunately, Gunner, being a silly boy, didn't complete and got a worse score this time and didn't get a combined qualifying, so her placement didn't count.

There was no breed run for Afghans that day because Gunner didn't get a qualifying score, so Reza automatically took breed.

Practice Runs Photo Gallery
Some photos of Joey made it into the practice, and believe it or not: he's actually running. Joey did the whole, "this is play time, I do what I like" and "let's squat down and hunt the lure to make it easier and more energy efficient." It was amusing.

Preliminaries -

Afghan Mixed Prelim - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Both dogs did a great job in this one, but Reza had a burst of speed in there in a straight away where she passes Gunner. I think that enthusiasm and speed edged Gunner on points for the run, and it's really pretty impressive to watch.

Finals -
Afghan Mixed Final - Reza and Gunner Photo Gallery
Another great run by the two of them. Reza turns on the speed and kicks it into high. She's getting better and faster with every course.

Again, there was no breed run off this time. Debbie decided to rest her boy and forefitted the point to us.

Bonus breeds:

Ibizan Hounds - FCh prelim stakes on Friday
For Labinnah. I think I lost them behind the trees at one point. Where's Steadiman when you need him?

Whippets - Open prelim stakes on Friday
Whippets are just crazy fast.

Scottish Deerhounds - Open Prelim on Sat
I love watching the Deeries run. I need to record Borzoi next time; both breeds are surprisingly beautiful to watch course.

Scottish Deerhounds - Open Prelim on Sunday

Scottish Deerhound and Irish Wolfhound - Mixed Stakes Prelim on Sunday
Recorded the one IW that was running the trial on Sunday. There was a different IW on Sat evening that ran for his JC, but I didn't record him but wish I had. He had a much better more open run than the one in this video.

Click for Big

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Us at dinner on Friday night at Jan's house.

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'Kitty' the Border Collie. Yes, this one actually herds and is of herding stock. Debbie, the lady with the other Afghan, Gunner, competes in herding trials with her.

This is how we keep the kids and puppies in line at the trials, x-pens:

Click for Big

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Whippet puppies!

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Reza bean

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Deery puppies

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More Coursing? Give those poor dogs a break already.

We just had two more back to back weekends of lure coursing with a three-day cluster coming up this weekend; our poor, tired dogs. Reza's now up to 45/100 points and still one of her two needed firsts.

(All videos are under 10 megs, with some being under 5. All in WMV format.)

Coursing Hound Association of the Southeast - CHASE - Cartersville, GA
March 17th and 18th

We do love ourselves some Cartersville. This is the same venue we ran at last month, just not as cold, but still pretty chilly. Overall, a good weekend, if you don't count Joey's DQ. Reza walked away with 12 more points towards her championship.

First Flights -

Afghan Open Prelim - Reza and Joey
Both dogs ran nice, clean runs. Unfortunately, the pulley popped the string and we had to go out for a midfield restart. I left the camera at the Start and didn't get to finish filming the rest of the run.

Second Flights -
Afghan Open Final - Reza and Joey
Joey interfering at his finest. Listen for me yelling at the top of my lungs towards the end. (turn your volume up for added effect) This was his second Dismissal, resulting in a Disqualification and him not being allowed to run in Open with other dogs anymore. We can retrain and recertify him, but I don't think we're going to bother. Chasing plastic baggies isn't his thing. We'll have to be content with his CH and Rally titles.

First Flights -

Afghan Open Prelim - Reza
Very nice, clean run all the way through by Reza.

Singles Prelim - Joey
Joey, relegated to running by himself, is confused about where his sister went. He half-heartedly chases it, makes a couple passes when it gets close; ends with a poop on the field.

Second Flights -
Afghan Open Final - Reza
Reza has another nice run, but runs out of steam at the end. Poor baby, she's only 15 months anyway, so when she tuckers, we still praise her for what she can give.

Singles Final - Joey
Another great video of me yelling at Joey, "Get that Cat, GO GO GO." I wish I would have had better angle at the end and caught him dive bombing the lure, but I missed it.

Southeastern Greyhound Club - SEGC - Moreland, GA
March 24th and 25th

This was SEGC's first time at this field and it was awesome. The land is owned by a couple that has an honest to god PACK of English Foxhounds. I mean outdoor, cement kennel and everything; real pack dogs. They also had other breeds and had a couple Boykin Spaniels following them and riding in a golf cart. Nice people and a great field. I wish the heat would have been a little more tolerable; it was killing Reza's endurance by the final runs on both days. Well, she is supposed to be a desert dog, so I think it's more of a case of too much air conditioning and sleeping around the house all day.

(All videos are under 10 megs, with some being under 5. All in WMV format.)
((Photos are hosted on a professional photographer's site.))

First Flights -

Afghan Open Prelim - Reza Photo Gallery
Reza running again.

Singles Prelim - Joey Photo Gallery
What a lazy boy. Christ. He was all over the place. Some of the powerful moments though where he kicks up dirt and dust are pretty impressive.

Second Flights -
Afghan Open Final - Reza Photo Gallery
She's such a cute little bean, but runs out of steam in the end again. It was pretty damn hot that late in the day too, so the heat was taking a toll on their endurance. She also doesn't like plastic bags, has a fear of them to be quite honest. I can't shake out a kitchen bag without her running from the room and hiding. For whatever reason, she gets over her fear on the field, but if the lure operator doesn't keep it out in front of her far enough, and she happens to "get it," it's like an instant disenchantment for that run and she peters out.

First Flights -

Afghan Open Prelim - Reza Photo Gallery
Great run by Reza; this was probably my favorite of her runs.

Second Flights -
Afghan Open Final - Reza Photo Gallery
Good run, but her energy totally died in the end.

Singles Final - Joey Photo Gallery

Best In Field -
BIF Second Run - Reza Photo Gallery
We decided to run her for Best In Field, even though she totally died out in the end of the last run and only had about 25 minutes to recover. We're trying to increase her endurance/stamina, and the only way to do that is to push their limits. She ran for about 1/2 the course with the Ibizan Hound, leading him during that part, and then just stopped on the far side, completely drained. We're proud of her for what she did and pushing herself to run as much as she could.

Joey was such an amusing embarrassment to the breed, we decided not to film the humiliation during the latter half of Sunday. Amazingly though, he did decide that he liked lure coursing, or at least, lure hunting. He'd sprint for about 50-100 yards, then drop to his stomach, laying down. People at this point were foolishly laughing at the :downs:hound screwing up on the field. He'd watch the bunny as it came back around, get his haunches up and wiggling. When he determined the trajectory of the bags, he'd take off and intercept it. By the second run on Sunday, he nailed the bag three times in one course, counting the last point where it comes in to the start. Joey figured out that the course is closed loop, it's staying within the bounds of the field and it always comes back to where it starts. He also didn't see the point in a needless waste of energy chasing the bunny all the way around the field when he could catch it at points close to the start. Several people that were laughing were then in awe of his intelligence. He might not feel the need to course trash bags 100%, but he does enjoy the game on his terms, and I can confidently say that he was the smartest dog on the field for figuring out our ruse and how to cheat well.