Under all that Hair

Well, we went ahead and shaved Joey down today. We figured he was done showing, and with Selma going into her third year of MEDSCHOOL, all her time will be spent in the hospital up to 80 hours a week. I have no desire to maintain coat on a dog that is not going to be conformationally shown anymore and who is already a champion.

To get Selma to allow me to shave him, she made me leave "bellbottoms" on him. He looks like a Giant Chinese Crested (TM). I think we're going to start marketing them as such and pump them out in backyard breeding fashion. I'll take pics of him laying on a satin pillow later.

Here's what an Afghan looks like under all that hair:

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Rest of Series:

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Last Perry Show that I never updated about blah blah

I'm not going to bother to rewrite Lexy's post from the Something Awful forums, so I'll just blockquote it here because I'm lazy. Needless to say, we had a great time, played guitar hero, drank and showed some dogs. Reza didn't do anything, but Bridge took a Reserve Winners Bitch with me handling her. She was a sweety and we had a ton of fun.

I should have posted this thread on Monday, but oh well. This past Sunday was Bridge's first show. Mine, too! It was a ton of fun. Plus we got to hang out with the Dvangels, which was awesome. Bridge did an awesome job, too, she beat her sister Kenzie in her age group, and took reserve major. She was a very good girl, and a good girl for Sachiel too. I'm really proud of her.

We got there Saturday night, had dinner, and Selma trimmed Bridge's ears and whiskers so she wouldn't be all fussy about being groped too much the next day. And then, of course, Guitar Hero, because that's necessary preparation as well.

Sunday started early, we got to the fair grounds around 8 or so, set up the pups and wandered around the vendors a bit. We met this really gorgeous Borzoi who was just about the sweetest dog I've ever met. I wish I had taken a picture of him. He just leaned leaned leaned for hugs and smooshed his big sweet face into your leg. I wanted to take him home.

Bridge went in the ring around 11 or so. She got to meet her sister, which was neat, they haven't seen each other since they were 8 weeks old. The woman who owns her sister took pictures of the two of them, which she hasn't e-mailed to me yet but I'll post them when she does.

Enough babbling, pictures!

Bridge looking for something to get into.

Bark at the moon!

Cuddle puppy.

Still looking for something to get into.

Sachiel trying to get her ears up. She was nervous.


Selma and Reza bean

One of the other beezers.

Waiting. That's Bridge's sister with the woman in the suit.

Pat Trotter feeling up my puppy.

Joey napping.

Joey's big head.

A landscape of poodle topiaries!

Merlin. He was really good for all that was going on.

My pooped baby girl.

It's not a very great shot, but exhausted cuddling took place in the back seat during the drive home.

All in all it was great fun. Exhausting for some reason, but a lot of fun. And Sachiel didn't even molest either of my dogs! A++ would show again.

- Lexy Kubicka

Reza's Newerest Afghans Online Ad

Can be viewed here.

We're so proud of that little turnip that took a Best in Event at the Borzoi Club of Greater Atlanta coursing event and the 5 point Reserve Winner's Bitch at the Tara Specialty.

Joey's first ad
Joey's second ad, his Championship
Mihdian/Painted Gold Farms ad (Reza's puppy ad)
Reza's incredibly bright pink ad
Reza's BIE/RWB from Tara ad

I can't believe I let Selma choose the colors again.

PS: If you're coming here from AfghansONLINE, be sure to check out Reza's page including her:Pedigree, Career and Photos

Different kind of dog show: I'm comin out of the booth

Wrote this as an official report for the AKC so our kennel club gets street cred for hanging with the community and not just cloistering away and mumbling about show dogs to ourselves.

Perimeter Pointe Church of Pelham, Alabama on May 19, 2007 held a “Community Dog Show” at the Shelby County YMCA in Pelham. This wasn’t the typical AKC dog show, but the BKC decided it would be an excellent opportunity to have an informational booth at the event. This was their first annual venture into this kind of event, and hopefully there will be many more to come. To my knowledge, there were 180 dog entries in the show. Entries were divided into large, medium, small and puppy classes. Among the awards for winners were “prettiest,” “ugliest,” “most well behaved,” “most talented, “best in show” and several others. They were also offering prizes for the winners in the form of gift bags, awarding ribbons to all participants and all people that registered received raffle tickets for drawings throughout the day.

The BKC had heard about the event about a month in advance through our Second Vice President, Beth Blough. She had found a card at a vet’s office. There were also several yardsale-esque signs around Pelham leading up to the day. I offered to look into it and lead up coordination for the BKC participation in the event. I called up Shiela Johnson and was told the particulars about setup times, space, electricity requirements and that there was no vendor fee for the event.

The morning of, the following members were present:
Linda Muglach, President
Peggy Shafferman, Recording Secretary (2 Havanese)
Damon Folmar, Board Member
Eddie Kominek, Board Member (1 Afghan Hound)
Ken Caruso, Member (2 Afghan Hounds)
Selma Kominek, Member (1 Afghan Hound)
Patty Van Sicklen, Member (1 Siberian Husky)

Setup time was 8:30 in the morning. All members were there for the duration of the day, but Damon had to leave early to attend his son’s baseball game at 10:00AM, but was still very appreciated and helpful in getting the tents up and everything set up. Members also brought their dogs to show in the events and display to the crowd. Dogs were crated in the rear of the back tent or covered from the sun. A grooming table was brought for display for the crowd. Tents were brought by Linda and Ken, but a folding table had to be purchased the morning of, but that is something that can be re-used in the future.

Previous experience at the Pet-A-Palooza demonstrated a somewhat disappointing lack of interest from the public. At that event, some people would wander up and pet the dogs on grooming tables, but to provide a better crowd draw, we decided to have a carnival-like game.

Using a notebook computer and a monitor for the crowd’s viewing, a PowerPoint presentation was used to create a “Name that Breed” game. The participant was asked to pay a dollar to play under the guarantee that “everyone wins something” and if they were still skeptical, were told that we were a not-for-profit organization and were only trying to pay for the prizes we were giving away. The person then goes through a series of 5 slides that have 3-4 pictures per slide of a dog breed with a different dog breed per slide. There are 19 different sets of 5 slides, all running in a continuous loop to make it easy to run the game and give people an opportunity to play the game again or just watch as other people play and have a different experience. The set of pictures usually consisted of a show stack to show size relation to a person, a head shot and another fun or working shot, to demonstrate what the breed was used for; ie, golden with a duck in his mouth, whippet lure coursing and so on. They have six chances on those five breeds, allowing for one mistake. We’d often try to help them along with hints and histories of the breeds to jog any memories or knowledge they might have at guessing. You can view the slideshow at the following link:

Using dog.com (order attached at the end), $50 in prizes were purchased. For five correct answers, the player won a Berber squeaky animal, for four correct breeds, a tennis ball, and for three correct, a treat bag with a rawhide roll and doggy Oreo cookies. All participants got a bag with a BKC refrigerator magnet, an invitation with information to our meetings, a BKC pencil, a Responsible Dog Owner AKC sticker and a little bag with bone shaped Smarties in it. After playing the game, the people were congratulated, handed their prizes and directed over to the information table.

Other members were on hand to talk about the BKC and what the club does and our values. It took one person to run the game, but generally, Selma would be in front of the table helping the players along with hints and describing the breeds while another member was pressing the spacebar to advance the slides. Other members would be talking about responsible dog ownership and training and handing out pamphlets off to the side. On the other side, members would be taking out their dogs for grooming or general crowd interaction.

Our reason for charging a dollar to play was two-fold: to not only make back the cost of the prizes, but people generally will take something more seriously if they have to pay for it. By “gambling” that dollar on a game, they want to win and will put forth more effort in correctly naming the breeds. They will take their time and try to get their money’s worth. Overall, we had on the order of 50-60 people playing the game. Net collection total was $44. During the day, only about 4-5 people said that they didn’t have money or didn’t want to play because we were charging. On the other hand, we had about 2-3 people donate more than the $1 playing fee, from $2 to $5.

We’d also bend the rules depending on the player and the course of the day. Little children were often given more guesses or their choice of prizes; some were allowed to play for free; some played the game just to play without paying a dollar and still getting a “freebie” with club information. The important point was getting people into the tent and getting the give away prizes (info card/magnet/pencil) out to people that otherwise might not take them off the table. Towards the end of the day, we liquidated the three-guess cookie bags to anyone that played to get rid of them.

In the show, my wife and I showed our Afghan Hounds, Patty showed her Husky and Peggy showed her Havanese. The announcers made sure to mention that our dogs were “professional” show dogs, which was pretty amusing. Our afghans got plenty of “oh’s” and “ah’s” and we gave breed history and information to anyone that asked. Both Patty and Selma were called back in for further judging for “Best In Show,” but it ended up going to some young girls. Shiela told me later that it might have been a bit “rigged,” but I told her that our dogs win enough at real shows, and we felt it was important to show them to the public, but more important for the young kids to win and have a good time.

Shiela and the rest of the Perimeter Pointe members were a true pleasure to work with and very accommodating. They were very helpful with our setup and getting electricity for us. Genuinely nice people and great members of the community, and I think both organizations benefited from each other at the event; we offered some great entries in their show and gave out important information that otherwise wouldn’t be brought up such as responsible dog ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering, crate training and Canine Good Citizen programs to name a few. In return, the BKC found a great opportunity for face time with the public and another chance to distribute information on the club, several people saying that they’d be interested in attending meetings in the future.

A couple BKC members also won raffle prizes with Peggy winning a dog bowl and a gift certificate. Selma and I won the “Grand Prize” in the raffle which was a $150 gift certificate towards a night’s stay at the Wynfrey Hotel and a $100 gift certificate to Shula’s restaurant at the Wynfrey. The amazing part was my tickets had fallen out of my pocket right before the grand prize drawing, and I was heading back to the BKC tent to look for them when they called my number, but thankfully I’d memorized it. I wave my arms over my head and was yelling that the ticket was mine. I run up to the booth and find another person presenting a ticket and tell them that, “The number is mine, but I’d lost my tickets… they fell out of my pocket.” The gentleman that’d found them admits that he picked it up off the ground and passes on the prizes. We’re thankful to him, and the Perimeter Pointe people reward him with a prize for his honesty, a truly nice gesture by both parties.

Afterwards, we all went out for a late lunch and margaritas to talk about how fun the event was and general dog talk. A gallery of photos taken by me is viewable here:

In closing, a good amount of information and pamphlets were distributed, and the crowd enjoyed the member’s dogs and the “Name the Breed” game. Several people spent a good amount of time talking to individual clubs members about general dog information and breed specific points about the dogs the members or the people had. This was definitely a good event for the BKC to participate in, and I’d recommend the club’s involvement with Perimeter Pointe Church and their Community Dog Show in the future.
For all you tl;dr people:
The BKC had a booth at a church's dog show.
PowerPoint "Name that Breed" quiz that we made for the event. Play along and see how you do. Set it up as "Slideshow" and spacebar through it.


A kid playing the game while we were still having monitor issues. Those were fixed.

Haha, Harder than you think.

The booth.

Linda and Peggy and Peggy's Havanese.


Ken and Selma

Selma not looking high

Dog show and the stage and stuff

Some of the people sat and chilled while talking dogs.

Patty's huskies love the kids.

Also, since most of you people just want pictures anyway, here's more pictures of the afghans and Patty's Rev and Joy and Bill's Ace for you guys. Every Tuesday we meet at a park, take the dogs on long walk and then go out and drink and talk dogs.

Ace and Rev about to get all dom on each other.

Ohhhhh, you're in trouble. Ace is smiling, hahah.

Rev's a sweety. He pulls me on my blades every now and then during the park trips.

Coursing Videos: Cartersville, GA May '07

Another fun weekend in Cartersville.  Reza was yet again the only afghan.  She picked up 8 more ASFA points though. 

Afghan Hounds - Open (Reza)
Ibizan Hounds - Field Champions
Irish Wolfhounds - Field Champions

Afghan Hounds - Open (Reza)

Practice (Joey Running)
Silken Windhound


Afghan Hounds - Open (Reza)
Borzoi - Field Champions

Afghan Hounds - Open (Reza)