Joey's webpage finished

Joey's webpage

Finally got around to making one for him and spent the weekend on it. Be sure to check out the photo page and the pedigree. There's a permalink to the site on the right. The Feedback page is still broken, so don't bother complaining about the colors there.

Richmond, VA Afghan Specialty


Joey, Dragonfly Neverwinter Nights, took Winner's Dog on Sunday under Judge David Cochran at the Tidewater Afghan Hound Specialty in Portsmouth, VA. 

We drove up on Friday, leaving at noon because Selma had a test. It was a 12 hour drive from Birmingham, AL. Sorry if this post is a little disjointed, we got back at 3 AM and I'm still a little wiped. We normally don't travel such long distances, but our breeder, Lucia, was going to be there because it was a specialty. Specialty means that it is a show that has only one breed of dog. Sometimes, specialties are held after all-breed shows, but this one was a weekend unto itself. There's usually many more dogs and much stiffer competition than at an all-breed show... and the points are higher.

Saturday was a no go, though he did get pulled out in the classes, he didn't place.

Saturday night was nice because there was a dinner, an auction and the club did a mock Dancing with the Stars which was pretty funny to see. Lots of drinking and socializing.

Sunday was another day and another show though. Here are the videos, abuse the bandwidth and I'll just put a torrent up if I run out. The comments you hear are mostly those of Lucia. If you hear a random pop, that's Selma clapping her hands together whenever I stacked Joey just in time and perfectly... hahaha.

Class Judging Video 1

The initial go-over by the judge and the first down and back. My down and back was terrible here because I was dicking with my bait at the wrong time and Joey was looking up at me. This threw off his gate very badly and when I finished the around, I'd thought I'd lost it... but you never give up.

Class Judging Video 2

This is the second down and back and around. Normally, judges don't ask for a second try, but I thought, "holy shit, there's still a chance to redeem myself." I pulled it together, put the bait away and Joey turned it on. He really showboats like hell when people are cheering/clapping for him, pretty amazing. He's an amazing showdog and we're lucky to have him. Now this was him winning his class, Open Dog. Here's a basic breakdown of the classes: Open, Novice, Bred-by, American Bred-by, 12-18 puppy, 9-12 puppy, 6-9 puppy. Open usually has the most dogs, but sometimes, bred-by will have quite a few. Now that he's won his class, he has to go up against the winners of the other classes...

Winner's Judging Video

The class firsts enter the ring and compete for Winner's Dog, where the points are... just watch it, heh. I just about :cry: there at the end, it's such an awesome win.

Joey's now at 13/15 points with one major under his belt.

Win Photo

Richmond Photos

Photos from the photographer:

Tidewater Photos

Richmond Photos

Dancing with the STARS!!

The dancing with the stars ones are pretty funny. Floyd Gayle and Tony Saia went into the audience at the end and pulled people on the dance floor. Tony grabbed Lucia, Joey's breeder, and Floyd grabbed me.

Surprise Congrats Card

Joey just received an adorable congrats card from the Atlanta Tara Afghan Hound Club. It has Hurrah written all over it, with a handwritten note. Very sweet, and unexpected. Joey seems to have garnered quite some attention by his Richmond win.



Win Photo