New House in Durham

Well, sorry about the leave of absence, but we've been busy moving. We've relocated from Birmingham, AL to Durham, NC. Along with the upgrade from the double-wide townhouse to a one-level rancher, we've gained 2.85 acres of land. Nothing but a yard double the size of what we had in the townhouse is fenced and only with 4' privacy plus some hot wire, so we're working on that now. I'm putting up fence this weekend as a matter of fact instead of lure coursing so we have approximately .7 acres fenced for the dogs.

I'll take you on a tour of Compound D'Vangel with pictures of the dogs at the end, so sit tight.

My new office with me already installed. The closet came with a gun safe :

Front lawn from the window:


Guest bath:

Where the magic happens. You might notice the purple bed at the foot of the queen, and that's for Joey to sleep on. With Joey and Reza sleeping free at night, we've outgrown the queen alone, so from now on, the dogs will have their own bed; in this case our old guest twin.:

Bedroom still:

View of backyard from bedroom:

Selma's clothes-horse enable-stable

Gas fireplace in the bedroom:

Our Afghan Hound Review collection:

Master bath, (yes it's kind of tight for a master bath.):

Front hall (Thank you Lexi and LC for both the leash holders, we've made use of both.

80's fab kitchen including Nutone intercom/stereo system. The whole house is wired with stereo speakers in pretty much every room.

Exit the SALOON DOORS into the Dining area:

Enter the Man cave Garage:

Back to the living room:

Front of the house. Yes, we'll probably change it from brown in the future:

1.5 acres of our motherfucking woods:

Note all the hot-wire:

Shed and well-house. We're so fucking country we're on well/septic.

More of our woods to the east:

Yes, you can see the interstate from our yard:

Ok, that's over now, enjoy the dogs:

They're all enjoying their bigger house.

Last Time on the Nature Trail in Huntsville

We went to the nature trail today, with our friends, Carol and Russ, who have Salukis and Suri the whippet. We took Reza and Soleil, they took their 6 month old Saluki pups, Neysa and Priya (Basheera's puppies). It was a beautiful day and all the pups really enjoyed it.

Tulip in the daisies!

Reza loves looking out the window of the covered bridge.

Soleil needs a little help to see out :3 .

The Saluki pups loved the little creek and dashed in and out if it. Too cute...

Soleil Eats Raw (sometimes)

"What's daddy making me?"

Raw food!!

Noommm nommm

Fat'n happy

Still too little to drink out of the "big girl bowl" without standing on the trunk :3 .


{youtube}bHyRsG7Spi4{/youtube} Evil puppies are tortured by the Dremel and SPIDER-HAND. (You can see her run away at the end). Now that she's about a week older, she attacks and mercilessly bites the shit out of evil spiderhand.

Being Cute is a Defense Mechanism

Eating newspaper (Corsi Bite Training):

(she stole it while we were in the other room. we took it away and beat her with it so she doesn't grow up to eat our Sighthound Reviews one day.)*

Picture-perfect roach:

* = Don't call the ASPCA, we didn't beat her.