It has been a few months since our last update. Since September of 2009, our guys have been doing well and have adjusted to our new home in North Carolina. We finished fencing off the one acre yard for them in August, and they have truly enjoyed running to their hearts’ contents in it. Soleil especially loves the huge yard and we jokingly refer to her as our “outside dog” as she will sit by the patio door in the bedroom, looking outside and to us as if to ask could she go out one more time.

In September 2009, Soleil won a pretty good sized Best Puppy in Match at the Cary Kennel Club match show, and she won a nice Take the Lead Plate along with a couple of rosettes that are now on her official win board beside Joey and Reza’s. In December 2009, Reza thrilled us by winning a major at the Winston Salem shows under Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser.  On the same day, the kiddo did not disappoint, as Soleil went reserve to her “sister’s” major. Their win photos can be seen under their respective pages.  Soleil also ASFA certified in late December 2009, and she appears to have a bright future in coursing as well. We will start coursing her more seriously later in 2010. Joey has been his usual wonderful, loyal self, and is always the very best dog we could ever ask for—sweet, kind, and very tolerant of Soleil’s puppy-ness. I cannot believe that he turned six years old in October 2009, it seems it was only yesterday that I took him out of his crate at the Atlanta airport.

Eddie and I have also adjusted to living in North Carolina, although I have to admit that I still do not know the area very well as I am very busy and prefer to spend my free time with him and the doggies. Oh, well, we’ve got several more years of this residency thing. I also cannot believe that I am more than 7 months into my intern year—time flies!

As I am typing this, it is snowing fairly heavily here in Durham. Another thing to get used to, as snow in Birmingham was a rarity and this is the second snow of the season. The dogs are loving it—Soleil and Reza were wrestling, Soleil was biting and then trying to eat the snow, and Joey joined when Eddie started throwing snow balls at him ;).