DC Watling Street Zarin Sun at D'Vangel SC

{moszoomthumb imgid=2626 caption=(9 Weeks)}Soleil is a fabulous puppy that we acquired from Lola Anderson of Watling Street Afghan Hounds in Iowa. Her dad is Spencer,  Ch. Watling Street Starstruck, and he is the reason we had to have Soleil. I came to visit Lola back in November of 2008 (the pups were not born until January 23, 2009), and I had a chance to really go over Spencer and gait him around. All I can say is WOW! The dog literally floated, effortlessly moved his 8.5 year old self around, with beautiful springy reach and drive. After going over him, it was obvious the dog was extremely sound, muscular, and had a front to die for (set under beautifully, nice prosternum, nice return of upper arm).  Lola told me more about Spencer, and the fact he finished easily by 15 mos old, and that he had many admirerers several years ago. I knew we had to have a puppy from this dog, he literally gave me goose bumps and that unfortunately happens very rarely when I watch the average show Afghan.

 {moszoomthumb imgid=3069 style_m=2 caption=(Watching Turtles)}Little Miss Soleil joined our family in April, 2009. We are very lucky as this kid has a nice front like her dad and has beautiful, springy movement. We have shown her sparingly so far, but she has an all breeds Best Puppy in Show at the Cary Kennel Club Match in September 2009 under her belt (with a good number of pups of all breeds entered), and numerous reserves, including a major reserve. She has a great, happy, outgoing temperament, and we love her puppy antics. She carries a ton of coat, and is probably among the hairiest in her litter after speaking with Lola, which is a hilarious for us as our last bitch to raise was Reza, who is patterned. We had to get into the groove of grooming a heavy coat again, as we had not done this since we were actively showing Joey.

{moszoomthumb imgid=3098 caption=(In Camden)}We love Soleil very much and look forward to her show career starting more seriously in 2010. As a side note, Soleil certified in ASFA in late December 2009 at 11 mos of age, meaning she ran, in front of an ASFA judge,  with another hound for the length of a whole lure course and was very much on the lure and did not interfere with the other hound. Soleil finished her AKC Field Championship title in May of '10 after only three weekends of running. She's up for the time being, but expect to see her return in the fall to work on her LCX and compete at the AKC Lure Coursing National in Riedsville, NC.

{moszoomthumb imgid=3119 style_m=2 caption=(2010-05-29 - WB/BW/BOS)}The second the FC hit her name, she began tearing up the show ring winning all three of the days that she showed at the Memorial Day Cluster shows in Hampton, VA and both days of majors at the Virginia Kennel Club shows in Richmond. Her "DC" should be right around the corner.