Rebranding: I know it's confusing

With our first ever litter on the way in a few weeks, Selma and I settled on calling our kennel, "Kominek," instead of "D'Vangel." I've used the latter for years, but mostly as just a nom d'internet. It had some silly meaning many years ago, but now, doesn't mean a whole lot to us. Instead, we're going with our last name. We're pretty logical and utilitarian, something that definitely reflects in the hounds that we admire and breed, and to that extent, attaching our last name directly to everything we breed seems like the straightest route.

I'll be the first to admit that it might not be prettiest last name in the world, but it's not some extravagent adjective plucked out of the air; it actually has meaning. A breeder using a last name for their kennel name is an old tradition that I guess fell out of favor as the threat of duplicating and infringing loomed. I put money that there will never be another "Kominek Kennels" in any other breed ever again because of the rarity of our last name. And no one will ever have to play the guessing game of "Who's that breeder?" or "What's their kennel name?"

So, that's us, the one and the only "Kominek Afghan Hounds."