Kominek's Dragon's Pyre

Khaleesi was named after the character Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Daenerys is a beautiful silver haired young woman, who was initially a queen of the Dothraki peoples, a savage race who roam and conquer, always on their beloved horses. As the queen of the Dothraki, she is given the title Khaleesi. As we only had one cream girl in the litter, it was obvious who would have this name. Khaleesi has a lot of personality, and is somewhat of an old soul. It was obvious from a very early age that she was very intelligent, and she was a joy to live with. When I came home from work, Khaleesi would be the one jumping up and down, peering above the fence, and squeaking excitedly. She is very much an old style Afghan in construction, heavily harkening back to the mountain type Afghan.

Khaleesi found her home with Sharon Gaboff and family in New Jersey, and she lives in an expansive home with acreage to roam! Sharon plans on pursuing lure coursing and obedience with Khaleesi, and we wish them well!