MBIF DC Watling Street Zarin Sun at D'Vangel FCh MC LCX

Soleil is our fabulous foundation bitch that we acquired from Lola Anderson of Watling Street Afghan Hounds in Iowa. Her sire was Spencer, Ch. Watling Street Starstruck, and he was the reason we had to have Soleil. I came to visit Lola back in November of 2008 (the pups were not born until January 23, 2009), and I had a chance to really go over Spencer and gait him around. All I can say is WOW! The dog literally floated, effortlessly moved his 8.5 year old self around, with beautiful springy reach and drive. After going over him, it was obvious the dog was houndy, extremely sound, muscular, and had a front to die for.  Lola told me more about Spencer,  the fact he finished easily by 15 months old, and that he had a sweet, loving temperament. I knew we had to have a puppy from this dog, he literally gave me goose bumps and that unfortunately happens rarely with the average show Afghan.

Soleil joined our family in April, 2009. We are very lucky as she has a nice front like her dad and has beautiful, springy movement. As a pup, she won an all breeds Best Puppy in Show at the Cary Kennel Club Match in September 2009 (with a good number of pups of all breeds entered), and numerous reserves, including a major reserve. She went on to finish easily with three majors by the time she was 17 months old. She has 23/25 points toward her Grand Championship title, but I could never quite get Eddie to believe too heartily in this title, so we clipped her down in winter 2010 and let her concentrate on her true love, lure coursing.

Soleil finished her AKC Field Championship title in May of 2010 at 15 months of age after only three weekends of running. She was a good runner as a young bitch, but when we brought her back out as a special in the fall/winter of 2010/2011, we immediately realized that with maturity, she had also acquired speed. Simply stunning speed for an Afghan bitch from purely show lines. We have had multiple lure ops tell us she is the fastest Afghan they have ever operated for. She would routinely shock and awe spectators at trials when she would hit what we called her "fifth gear" that most Afghans do not have. This bitch screams around the field, and turns really well. We have had a blast coursing her, and she has racked up 3 all breed Best in Fields to her credit, an AKC LCX, obtained her ASFA FCh in 3 weekends. She was the Number 3 AKC Coursing Afghan Hound in 2011, despite taking off literally half the year to have her first litter, the Game of Thrones litter!

We are incredibly proud of her, and she has proven to be a truly spectacular bitch in every way, was a wonderful "momma dog," and has done everything we ever asked of her and more. We are truly lucky to have her in our lives, and are extremely grateful.