BIE Mahar's Reza of Mihdian FCh SC

Reza came to live with us on April 19, 2006. She is a queenly, beautiful, houndy, exotically patterned creme bitch who is linebred on some of the old greats, with many Dureigh dogs, several crosses to Ch.Mecca's Falstaff, Ch. Elmo's Tutankhamun, Bombey hounds, and, of course, Mahar. Lucy Orlowsky of Mahar Afghan Hounds bred Reza, and she spent her first few months after her baby puppyhood with John Schoolcraft, of Mihdian Afghans in Florida. John then realized that since he already had two puppies from that litter, and would let the the creme bitch go, our Reza.

Reza has been a wonderful girl to have in our household. She is truly a lady, who is easily insulted and who knows that you really should only be petting her. Reza is very intelligent, and her deep soulful eyes are very communicative of her moods. As for her conformation career, Reza never quite loved the show ring, but came within a major of finishing, and had multiple major reserves. She was retired in 2009, and has relished in her sole role as Queen of the household.

Reza loved coursing, and has an ASFA Field Championship, and won a Best in Event on a blazingly hot July weekend in 2007. She was the Number 4 Bitch in ASFA coursing for 2007. She has since decided that chasing the elusive plastic bunny is not quite as fascinating as she found in the past, but will occasionally do a practice run when she feels like it.

We love our Reza-Beanie, the Tulip Queenie very much!