CH Dragonfly Neverwinter Nights RA

Joey is a dream come true. I think that just about summarizes the enjoyment he brings to our lives on a daily basis. He was a show dog extraordinaire, and had a lot of flair in the ring. He was our first "real" show dog, and despite us being newcomers to both the Afghan Hound breed and the show ring, Joey finished at 2 years of age with a 5 point specialty major at the Richmond Afghan Hound Club in 2006, and his finishing major at the St. Louis Afghan Hound Club's supported entry weekend. He was briefly specialed, and had some nice Breed wins over nationally ranked and group winning Afghans along the way. He was retired and clipped down in 2007, to be our wonderful loving pet. Joey has also excelled at Rally obedience, and with Eddie as his teacher, obtained his Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles. Being an Afghan, there were some laughs along the way to these Rally titles, as Joey liked to invent his own touches of flair to the routine, including leaping up and licking Eddie's face at the end of sit stay as they were going into a heel!

Joey was born on October 24, 2003 in the kennel of Lucia Brown, Dragonfly Afghan Hounds. I had been searching for a show male puppy, and her dogs stood out among the many, many pages I had surfed. Lucia turned out to be extremely nice, knowledgeable, honest, and funny. Joey is out of Merlot, Ch. Boanne Dragonfly LX Kameron, by Dakota, Ch. Dragonfly Diamond Rio, JC. He arrived on December 27, 2003, in a crate at the Atlanta airport.  We could hear him squeaking and barking to be let out while he was still more than a hundred feet away. When we opened up the crate door, he immediately ran right up to my legs, and looked up, expecting happily to be picked up. Well, that was it. We were totally and madly in love with the little fuzzball, and he further charmed Eddie on the drive back by calmly laying on my lap, occasionally giving me kisses, and enjoying a foot scratchy Eddie gave him (he spread his little toes apart when Eddie scratched his foot---too cute for words).

Now our Joey is close to being 9 years old, and wow has the time flown, we have moved from Alabama, I have graduated from both graduate and medical school, and am now half way done with residency. Joey is our "puddlin'" and his incredibly loyal and loving personality are hard to match. He was so good with our first litter in the house, an extremely forgiving "uncle." We hope he has many more years with us, we love this boy very much.