Kominek's Maid of Sapphires

Brienne is our outgoing, happy little girl who is pointed at 6 months of age. Brienne is named after the character of Brienne of Tarth, a tall, powerful woman who was not afraid to wield a sword. Brienne was the largest puppy in the litter and was quite a hardy voracious baby. As she has matured (and she has more of that yet to do), she has become quite feminine and elegant, and is now ironically on the petite side. Brienne absolutely loves to show, and thinks everyone around must be there to see her, of course! We look forward to showing our primitive little sprite, who so beautifully blends her conformation and racing pedigree in a fiesty, beautifully moving package! Brienne has also been to coursing practices, and is very keen on the lure. We look forward to her future here at Kominek Afghans.